Our Wild Bird Food Treats

Our treats for wild birds range includes a tantalising range of products that all garden birds will love. These provide a valuable and nutritious all year round treat.

We hope to develop other Honeyfield's treats for wild birds products in the future and will keep you informed of new additions to the range.

Honeyfield's Suet Treat - Fruity and Berry

Suet Treat - Fruity & Berry

Honeyfield's - Suet Treat - Insect Mealworm

Suet Treat - Insect Mealworm

Honeyfield's - Suet Treat - Sunflower Hearts

Suet Treat - Sunflower Hearts

Honeyfield's - Peanut

Suet Treat - Peanut

Honeyfield's - Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms

Available in the following bag sizes:

100g 500g

Conservation Grade means you’re guaranteed there are ingredients inside which have been grown on a farm that has been proven to have reversed the decline in some of our most endangered species. visit: www.conservationgrade.org

For Full information about the Honeyfield's range please download our brochure:

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